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the clean – stars (2001)

‘oh everything is just fine when the sun shines isn’t it Timmy? Isn’t it simply splendid altogether?’


You don’t agree? Well we will agree to disagree on this matter Timmy…but I really think that sunny weather cures all ailments real and imagined…and also, because of the blasted wind and rain we get for nine months of the year, we really appreciate the sunshine when it does finally arrive…yes.

Would you like a glass of some lovely cool lemonade Timmy? No? I know you want one…okay, suit yourself.


I think I will turn the music up a bit louder.

noise coming from behind the garden wall, teenagers local and foreign frolicing near the seaside.

yes, why not? live dangerously. they are very loud. we were all like that i suppose but was I? i was always well behaved, a good girl Timmy.


You don’t believe me? well, that is your wont. I can not convince you otherwise. you will have to take my word for it. i really was different from the other girls, my friends. but that’s in the past Timmy. a fine sunny day like this is for living in the present isnt it?


the noise from behind the garden wall grows louder, mores strident, teenagers laughing, shouting, summer mischief abound.

yex, they are rather loud. maybe i should turn the garden hose on the fuckers? (laughs) No, they would probably enjoy that or the opposite, run to the authorities and cause me no end of trouble. the young; so capricious, so ignorant. but listen to me blathering on…what’s that Timmy? Well I never…shut my hole and turn this song up!!??


maybe you should take a nap Timmy? the sun is making you very grouchy indeed!

What is the blasted song anyway? let me see…still can’t make head nor tail of these fucking phone devices…i need my reading glasses…

It’s ‘stars’ by the clean, you dopey bitch…now get me my fucking lemonade before I slap yee silly!

Oh Timmy, you really are very rude indeed.