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from pre millennial technological angst of 1997 to post millennial 21st century technological resignation? an unreleased song from the Ok Computer recording sessions with a suitably unsettling video by Polish film-maker Michal Marczak, capturing something the street spirit of those times and these; dislocation,resignation,numbness,loss,longing….but what is the source of this pain? our confusion collectivized, compartmentalized, anger and sadness smushed into a tiny digital bottle; how to release anxiety completely? unscrew the bottle with a quintessential radiohead ballad. then check yourself in the mirror. oh, I am not a pompous, self-absorbed 18-19 year old boy/girl anymore it seems, but a real grown up man/woman! bollix! *

* head still in the clouds? pretentiousness intact? call this number ************ or actually email, it’s quicker, ah fuck just whatsapp me! or better still, watch Edgar Wrights film the Worlds End (2013) for extreme yet hilarious cautionary example of arrested development – replace sisters of mercy obsession with (insert favourite band here). yeah, that was lazy

**what the f**k am i on about in this post? click on this link to read the personal diaries of YOUNG MAN DEREK A MC aged 15- 20 (1993-1998)