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slowdive – star roving (2017)

a letter to….one’s blissfully unaware teenage self.

dear (insert name here)

remember this. nobody knows anything. politics is both useful and useless. love, hate and wisdom are subjective. religion is a lifestyle choice. consistency is the exception rather than the rule. change is painful but necessary.no one is perfect. sex is perhaps the key driving force in our lives, ambitions until it is not. the world is round perhaps. nature could give two little fucks. all the bands you thought were cool and romantic, who split up will reform at some stage typically for non idealistic, mundane incentives that pertain to the consequences of inhabiting a godless, capitalist free market society. e.g., My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Ride, Jesus & Mary Chain, suede etc. **

yours (sarcastically/wisely/sincerely/faithfully)

(insert name here)

* shoegazingpostpunkindiedreampoppsychedelia

*article written by music journalist Simon Reynolds -author of rip it up and start again, retromania, blissed out, shock and awe, energy flash, bring the noise, totally wired – published in the New York Times December 1991. also, investigate his blissblog

**all of the opinions expressed in this generic letter template are not the strongly held opinions of the author/creator of said letter template. or at least they weren’t the Tuesday and Friday after composing said letter. On the other days, some of the opinions along with others not shared here were strongly held. On weekends, no opinions or beliefs were expressed, usually except on religious holidays or festivals. or if the author was sleeping in which case non of the applied laws of waking life or planet earth apply and the dream police hold complete jurisdictional sway over the authors unconscious storylines, thoughts, ideas and perversions.