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The Moomins Theme  (1983) – Graeme Miller & Steve Shill

Did I really watch this show as a child? hallucinatory, morbid, melancholy and delightful folk tales for da kidz. I must have been… 6-9 years old?  when I was exposed to this strange stop motion animation series inspired by Finnish authors Tove Jansson’s series of Moomins children books, first published in the 1940’s.

this series, originally produced in Poland by Se-ma-for animation studios and broadcast in the united kingdom and ireland in the mid 1980’s was overseen and approved by Jansson herself.

acquired by London-based animation production house film fair for an english adaptation  – a company also responsible for stop motion childhood staples like  Paddington Bear and the Wombles – the series was voiced by veteran actor Richard Murdoch and re-scored by Graeme Miller and Steve Shill, two members of the influential Leeds post-punk scene of artist, musician and radical political collectives  of the late 70’s/early 80’s. to find out more about their involvement, click on this interview conducted by the good people at The Quietus. the  hypnotic, wondrous lo-fi sounds they produced for The Moomins television series are now available for purchase at specialist independent label Finders Keepers website and for streaming  on soundcloud.

and for those curious about the creative inspiration behind the Moomins, Tove Jansson I have embedded a 2012 BBC4 documentary on the author/artist for you to watch below.