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An extraordinary recreation of the technicolor style late 60’s/early 70’s melodramas/horror films is a heady, strange and often hilarious tale of Elaine, a beautiful modern day witch searching for love in a glossy californian soap opera b movie timewarp. She casts her considerable spell on various men so that they will fall in love with her but she finds them to be somewhat wanting; they find her femininity overpowering, quickly surrendering their sanity and dignity and unable to see her as anything other than an object of desire and worship. Anna Biller’s film is a lush, mesmeric trip; a stylized battle of the sexes with a wicked sense of humour and through line of sincerity, offering a unique female perspective on love and desire through a distinct genre filter. the score alone is to die for; a lush ennio morricone meets krzysztrof komeda deal and the visual aesthetic of the film is like a mashup of rosemarys baby beyond the valley of the dolls and italian b movies. grade: B+