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magnificent, prolific, versatile  with a distinctively regal, sandpaper voice, looking back at the late John Hurt’s numerous credits, it’s astonishing how many of his film projects I was exposed to in my formative youth – alien, watership down, the elephant man, the plague dogs, the animated lord of the rings, 1984, scandal – it felt like i grew up with him, the somewhat dissolute, craggyfaced uncle with a razorsharp wit and a heightened sense of his own mortality. from the late 60’s  up until the present, hurt worked consistently on film, television and the stage consistently working with interesting directors and never seemed to age. his lived in, somewhat frail physicality always made him seem old or older than he was thus he never seemed to age. there were few better actors at conveying weariness, wisdom, venality, suffering, eccentricity, quiet intelligence, gentle defiance from his breakthough in 1966 with A Man for All Seasons up until his recent supporting role alongside natalie portman in Pablo Lorrain’s Jackie in 2016. he will be missed.

love and death on long island (1997) dir- richard kwietniowski

alien (1979) dir- ridley scott

the elephant man (1980) dir – david lynch

1984 (1984) dir-michael radford

watership down (1978) dir – martin rosen

lord of the rings (1978) dir-ralph bakshi

history of the world part I (1981) dir-mel brooks

the plague dogs (1982) dir-martin rosen

heaven’s gate (1980) dir – michael cimino

champions (1983) dir – john irvin

rob roy (1995) dir – michael caton-jones

melancholia (2011) dir – lars von trier

hellboy (2004) dir – guillermo del toro

V for vendetta (2006) dir – james mcteigue

tinker tailor soldier spy (2011) dir-tomas alfredson

only lovers left alive (2013) dir – jim jarmusch

the field (1990) dir- jim sheridan

44 inch chest (2009) dir – malcolm venville

jackie (2016) dir – pablo lorrain