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killing joke – you’ll never get to me (2003)

1) Defy; to refuse to obey someone or something. try and do this every day for the rest of your life. if not manageable within ones normally compliant schedule, try at least once a week. this is an applicable, all purpose strategy areas such as family, business, work, study, leisure, relationship, geopolitical,cooking and manufacturing.

brian eno – third uncle (1974)

2) disrupt; to interrupt something and stop it from continuing as it should. caution would normally be advisory here with rudeness, coarse language, intimidation and violence often intruding. but as long as your intention is not to harm and to explore, enlighten and question then this may be an effective action; e.g., disruption of government,the media cycle, means of (re)production (televisual/web ,chemical,sexual)

not waving – believe (2016)

3) Dissolve ; to disappear. Often encouraged by left brain thinkers and travel editors as a tonic to to the ills of modern living, be careful what you wish for. there are many elements, possibly eight sides, octagonal to this (in)action. just remember to stop! and go! in equal measure. a sometimes effective form of peaceful protest. suggested locations? icebergs, fields, forests,tundras, mountains or in retreat, communal, alternative community or hermetic periods of isolation. bring cereal. if not, grow your own and have a cow nearby for emergencies.