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‘nature abhors a vacuum..’ – Ethics by Baruch Spinoza, published in 1677.

‘well, one does not usually get political or have the conscience stirred in such a manner…’

‘what are you talking about, man?’

‘america, my friend. the election.’

‘pffft. who cares? why are you looking outward mate? shouldn’t you worry about you and yours?’

‘true, friend. true. but how can one ignore such a democratic travesty?’

‘easy. have another drink and then think about going to court tomorrow. dealing with your landlord. keeping a roof over your kids heads. waking up with a sense of purpose. trying to get a fuckin smile out of anyone you pass on the street. the clowns we have had embedded into that fuckin edifice since…when?’

‘well…yeah, when you put it like that. it’s a symptom of the malaise present in western society.’

‘democracy is for most part an illusion, mate. i say. embrace the illusion with a drink or several.’

‘there must be an answer. right?’

‘well. i reckon we are all going to hell in a handbasket. in the meantime, let’s think on it…or not. if we come up with a solution, we can notify the media at large.’

‘it’s rainin again.’

‘yeah, my friend. it never stops round here. slainte!’