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‘yo, i decided not to do Halloween this year…’

‘yeah, why not? because it’s for kids, weirdos. atheists, pagans and adults stuck in state of extended arrested development? or cos you are too cool???’

‘i resent your tone. I am not above dressing up now and again. none of those reasons actually smartass! It’s because last time i celebrated Halloween on my own, i was arrested and thrown in the local knick for acting the eejit. after that, i had to re-evaluate my behaviour as a grown adult…’

‘sure you are always doing that, will be doin it til all your life i imagine unless you…

‘settle down? you are full of the clichéd advice today man. give it a rest. has being in a longterm relationship matured you significantly?’

‘not really. i have my moments though. she puts up with me, i put up with her and well…i don’t know ..anyway, you decided not to down that route this year so that’s a bit of progress. so what did you do? stay in and read a book, write a song, have a bath, meditate, bake some muffins…watch the latest flavor of the week tv show?’

‘none of those things…i pondered on what to write here, trying for a new angle related to Halloween and things horror related but there is just so much stuff out there, it can be discouraging to say the least.’

‘yeah, it’s a content heavy world out there bro. fucked if there is much substance to be found..’

‘don’t start pontificatin man! please, i ….we don’t need it. otherwise, it seems like you are not a particularly well drawn mouthpiece for my opinions on the state of the world and online thinkpieces, lists and awareness that i may never make a living from such ramblings…’

‘okay okay calm down, take a chill pill man…breathe in, breathe out. remember what the doctor/shaman said? this is all an illusion. don’t take it all so personally.’

‘ you are right. although i feel we have strayed from the them of this piece…’

‘which was?’

‘okay, clean slate. from the beginning. these are a few horror films or bits of filmed entertainment/art with moments of terror/confusion/violence that you may/may not have heard of and if you have time and are interested in that sort of thing, seek them out…’

‘hang on! hang on! ‘

‘what!!! what?’

‘you sound very unsure fo yourself, wishy-washy. be more assertive. be like ‘these are films you have to see before you die or i will come around to your house and give you a good kicking’ or at least ‘this is my opinion and i give no fucks what you out there hanging around the web think with your list addiction and the eroding attention span of a coked up cocker spaniel!’

‘alright. i will give it a try. once you get out of practice it’s hard to get back in the groove…’

‘yeah i know pal. don’t worry. you will be fine. remember. just breathe. empty your mind of desires and so forth..’

‘ok. ok. no need for the spiritual mumbo-jumbo. I’ve got this. thanks. as i was sayin…’