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(insert content here? something like ‘ 9 reasons why you need to see paul verhoevens’ elle right now’…)

– 16th feature film by Dutchman Paul Verhoeven (Robocop, Turkish Delight, Basic Instinct etc)

-tis a film for adults. it examines/re-examines/ plays with themes and issues of  female sexual desire, family ties, rape, revenge, childhood trauma, romance and workplace dynamics.

– His first film in ten years and his first in French.

– Film submitted to Cannes and Toronto Film Festivals and received positive notices.

– It is a provocative, challenging entertaining work. these need not be mutually exclusive aspects in a movie to be sure.

– It is an expertly crafted blend of character study, psychological thriller,romantic melodrama and social comedy.

– Isabelle Huppert is a force of nature in the title role,creating a compelling, complex protagonist; a Parisian career woman who is attacked and raped in her own home but refuses to become a victim.

– Verhoeven is 78 years old. He doesn’t give a f**k

– it is probably one of the films of the year? this is for you to decide should you wish.