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Life Without Buildings- The Leanover (2000)

In the time this band formed in Glasgow, Scotland, released this amazing single, signed to an indie label, released their only album, received some positive press, then split up and I confess…

…I must have been sleeping/I hope I was doing something constructive/positive/interesting/finding a cure for cancer/sketching ideas/designing rainwear for domestic pets/tripping up in public/falling in love/ /working a crummy job/eating a ham and cheese sandwich/having an argument with someone/shouting at the mirror/taking a train ride/cursing my inability to swim/ride a bike at the age of 24/looking for a place to rent/having erotic daydreams/writing a shitty song on acoustic guitar/trying on a new t-shirt/starting to like the red hot chilli peppers for some reason possibly out of boredom, ubiquity and brian damage/ listening to more semi- obscure us indie bands/ watching pretentious/super violent/sexually explicit arthouse movie/celebrating a friend/relatives birthday, /staring at the birds in the sky/contemplating a pre-internet swamped existence/how slow shit was/futilely attending a media studies course/wallowing in celtic tiger hubris by drinking cheap champagne and insulting call girls/likely doing fuck all that was significant/listening to a song/eating rice crispies cereal/killing a man/inter-railing/reflecting on a pre and post 9-11 world/reflecting on the demise of the american situation comedy/falling out of love with the Manics/why did flares go out of fashion?/avoiding fast food except on random weekends/stalking my local turkish ambassador/flirting with social activism/not flirting with the opposite or any kind of sex for that matter/ why hasn’t gay byrne retired?/do i need to get into rap/hip hop music/will i be left behind in this post millennial society/not listening to this song?/the sopranos and six feet under are bloody good but this oz show is my favourite i think/should i get a band together, am i musically capable/writing a shit film script/getting into cheese/addicted to cult comedy antics/downloading will never catch on will it? holy f**k! lying on the floor, crying? pick and choose, mix and match, life is so random don’t you think?