Jonathan Richman – I Was Dancing In A Lesbian Bar (1992)

As the lead singer of Boston band the modern lovers, who some would cite as one of the forefathers of punk (?) with the classic 1972 two chord anthem ‘Roadrunner’ and as a uniquely eccentric solo artist, Jonathan Richman was largely unknown to the mainstream audience until the unlikely success of a film called There’s Something About Mary in 1998.

That films directors, Bobby and Peter Farrelly were long time fans of Richman and wrote a part that was tailor-made for the Massachusetts born singer/songwriter skillset, that of a hilariously incongruously charming Greek chorus; his song lyrics spelling out a scene or evoking a characters emotional state.

Whilst the film was undoubtedly hilarious and boundary pushing for its time, I felt this quirky aspect of the film  was often overlooked and really the enhanced the creepily romantic misfit outsider aspect of the film.

A storyline that essentially follows a former nerd stalking a girl he was in love with in high school and has not been able to get over even as a relatively successful adult is a premise that is both creepy and endearing.

This cut from 1992’s I Jonathan richman is a seemingly offhand slice of night life; sloppy stumbling, off kilter yet charming, candid as heck and funny as fuck.