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yes siree bob, dawg gone it….not the real dyed in the wool blues? take it up with ye local congressman then…christ!

see also the blues….yeah, get out of here before I…

…or try burning down your house to claim the insurance only to slowly realise as you emerge from your swampy, drunken haze you left your only sweet friend, virgil the cat, your vintage collection of swedish porn magazines and all da fuckin luvly memories and shit behind your broke ass. but the cash¬†will comfort yee in the fag end of your pathetic existence what will all the sweet booze and scarlet ladies it can procure no doubt.

The Drones – Shark Fin Blues (2005)

that is unless your stiff backed, self righteous downer of a brother in law finds out you’ve been givin it to his missus and spills the beans on your dumbass plan – which you somehow divulged to him after a few too many southern comforts n’ clam – to the keystone copz. Oh well, you could always drown yourself in the river if ye had the nerve, gumption, character required which I don’t see you havin. fuck it. let’s just watch it burn and say ¬†‘goodnight sweet henrietta’…whitewash

Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Barstool Blues (1975)