Field Music – The Noisy Days Are Over (2015)

Get yourself a digital music blender; available from 367.83E on http://www.desmartenmedia.de, optional hard drive or digi-packets of pop music genres, choose the era, sounds and then press mix for 15 seconds. Make sure you press mix or else, the ingredients/elements will remain separate and the sound clunky, contrived, an obvious second generation facsimile. then…press play. and the result in this case is a tasty,nourishing yet comforting music smoothie whose 80’s dash of quirk will leave you with a bounce in your step through the summertime and beyond. However, depending on your tastebuds, one could find this somewhat overstuffed and self-indulgent; too much sugar/salt/staccato/dashes of XTC, talking heads, thomas dolby, prince, split enz, joe jackson etc etc. But then that would quite possibly make you a miserable, mean son of a bitch. when finished playing, please store in a warm, dry place. *

*no warranty/satisfaction guarantee currently available with the DMB. We find that our customers – huma beings – are generally contrary fuckers who are impossible to please. Just try and make your own music then ye twats. not so easy is it? ahem. next, please!