sunn o))) & boris – the sinking belle

let me tell you man….when it hits you, it hits you full force, nothing can prepare you for are defenceless. how does it happen? jesus. i don’t know. all that you need to know is this. do not resist, whatever the outcome. it will overpower your senses,obliterate  your goddamn sense

of motherfucking logic.when your resist, the devil himself will laugh , take pity on your poor pitiful soul, your torn up heart. if you have or had plans, well you can tear those right up and drop em in the universal shitter my friend. everything will seem to make sense and no sense at all. art, music, puppy dogs, poetry, flowers, mountains, the cosmos and shit. a high that is utterly real. and you become the best and worst version of yourself, constant battle inside your soul. okay, how does it happen? now i can impart you with some wisdom you poor bastard. its minute at first. you barely notice it at first. and you are pushing back right? a half-smile. a word. a gesture. how they laugh for Christs sake. their voice. how they argue, their point of view. how they act around your friends, colleagues, total strangers, acquaintances, their walk. their attitude man. sounds mundane right? snooze. teen style romance shit. and you may be right my friend. but there is one thing that is thoroughly fuckin undisputable in your case. you are in love one hundred percent and you have to live with that. enjoy that sinking feeling hen you go under. good luck, man. (echoing laughter descending down a broken staircase)