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David Bowie – Always Crashing in the same car (1977)

Nadine Shah – Stealing Cars (2015)

John Foxx – Burning Car (1980)

Gary Numan – Cars (1979)

U2 – Daddy’s gonna pay for your crashed car (1993)

Blue Nile – Automobile Noise (1983)

Roy Orbison – I Drove all night

Driving people crazy huh? what’s it all about? what is this protracted and psychotic need to piss people off; near or dear, scattered and far. When I find out the answer, I will get back to you or perhaps not, then quietly and diligently write a bestseller about the human condition to surprise the fuck out of yez!

Any road (!), I’m getting quite tyred so lets put the brake on this nonsense and switch gears, its just leading to a deadend. (hahahahahahahahahahahaha)

*statement may not be true but who knows? the world of the arts, science and nature are mysterious and magical are they not?