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John Cale & Brian Eno – Spinning Away (1990)

Glorious pop music although I now recall with much ire where I first heard it, tacked onto the final scene and end credits of Danny Boyle’s 2000 film adaptation of Alex Garland’s The Beach.

The film  itself I recall as being as fairly enjoyable but it wanted to have its artistic/commercial cake and scoff it  It was a slick, Leonardo di caprio vehicle filled with exotic Thailand locations, drug&sex filled backpacker hedonism, a hip soundtrack with hints of an edgy drama which examined the paranoid, cult-ish, quasi-imperialist flip side of said hedonism by way of heavy-handed, hopeful allusions to Apocalypse Now.

Ultimately, it cops out preferring to end on a ludicrously false note of nostalgia and optimism in a ‘arent Western backpackers a well-intentioned but wacky, free-spirited lot?’ kind of way and Di Caprio’s dickish, self absorbed Yank protagonist comes out of it scot-free despite causing and being involved in murder and violence with plenty of sunny Polaroids of his experiences and this gorgeously upbeat tune is misused to bolster Boyle’s bullshit finale.

So forget all of wot I just wrote and enjoy the song as it is in the context of John Cale and Brian Eno’s 1990 album Wrong Way Up which could bring sunshine into the greyest corners of the earth*.

*Play this at someones funeral, maybe even your own to liven up things a bit.  just a suggestion.