new order – regret

this was it. A romance that has wavered but remained steady,unbroken. acrimony,the non-anonymity forced by the 21st century web vulture content cycle tarnishing their mystique whilst burnishing their legend but through all the bullshit, the songs remain untouched; at their apex irresistibly human siren songs of hedonism, romance and loss, guiding the feet and piercing the heart often counterbalanced with innate self deprecation, a sense of pop art absurdity piercing through the self protective shell of their enigmatic post joy division pop art identity.

In and around school crushes, exams, manic insecurities, football dreams long hot irish summers, sneaky cider fueled raves round the back was this song and it felt like it was mine; a lead-up to a lifelong enquiry, namely ‘How could something so beautiful hurt so good?’