life’s realities begin to kick in and with a mopey teenage heart am forced to sell my collection of comic books (2000ad) and heavy metal vinyl records to make some pocket-money bar being forced to get a -gasp!- actual job. Close friends have left school at 15 to pursue trades and are soon earning, popping pills, buying motorbikes as i struggle to come out of my shell, acne striking down my confidence as is its want and I’m on the outside much of the time. Another close friend manages to battle and survive cancer over several months and of course we are clueless young boys, unable to comprehend his struggle or rise above our selfish whims and show our love in our own immature ways.

musical tastes of mise tend towards the grandiose and so from the flaming gonzo pop trash funk of FNM’s Angel Dust, I hear the celtic siren call of chiming guitars and windswept choruses buried deep within and go forth, o’er mountains and oceans, scraping the sky with declarations of passionate incantations. The bass pulse and epic tribal drums of Simple Minds ‘Waterfront’ hypnotizes, connects, transcends, overwhelms. beautiful, spine tingling  ‘Big Music’. alas, this signalled a move towards U2-esque territory and some of their personality was lost amidst the ensuing stadium bombast resulting in their 1985 hit Alive & Kicking being used to promote the launch of Sky Sports and the Premier League. Nobody’s perfect. No sir. Nobody.