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Megadeth – Holy Wars…The Punishment is Due (1990)

it just dawned on me with Alice Cooper’s song Poison the first song I taped off the radio and listened to obsessively that the first record I actually bought with my hard-earned (?) pocket-money was Megadeth’s cover version of the 1973 Alice Cooper hit No More Mr Nice Guy.

Recorded as part of the heavy metal dominated soundtrack for a pretty terrible Wes Craven horror film called Shocker and produced by Desmond Child, who had prior to this worked with Cooper on his commercial comeback, 1989’s Trash album, which featuring the aforementioned Poison.

And trash is what i got into quite heavily (snigger! how clever) whilst keeping my ears open to radio, MTV, the streets and dat back in 1990, although being unable or willing to appreciate the chart and cultural infiltration of acid house on rock music, namely the stone roses, charlatans, happy mondays, inspiral carpets etc. no, i was in my early metal puritan guise whilst sneakily admiring the likes of Roxette and Phil Collins blasting out of the radio on a daily basis.

So, graduating from Iron Maiden to Slayer, Metallica, Overkill, Annihilator, Testament, Exodus and Megadeth; Peace Sells But Who’s Buying?, So Far, So Good, So What! and Rust in Peace were consumed within a six months period and the video for their 1990 single Holy Wars even featured on Top of the Pops which delighted me no end whilst my parents* tried to understand my youthful devotion to long haired grown up blokes in denim and leather snarled geo-political lyrics over piercing, lightning quick riffs of great skill and fury.

*in fairness, my parents did after much fretting allow me to attend my first gig at the age of 13 – Megadeth, April of 1991 at the old point depot in Dubh Linn no less – once i was accompanied by an older metalhead.