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Sleaford Mods – C**t Make It Up (2015)

explanation of frustration? I will stare you down no bother buddy. why haven’t I done this? Why haven’t I tried doin that? Have you looked into this? Ave I fuck! what’s in it for me? what’s in it for you more like? You wanker, i will sample and loop your doublespeak bullshit round n round til you’re dizzy, sick, fallin down on the concrete, spittin out broken promises, walkin backwards. gas man yee are, full up til burstin! there, my explanation! now give me my fuckin Tesco money ye twat!*

Targets? Modern life, modern life in Britain, England, Nottingham to be exact. Present paradigms; culturalpoliticalsocial, disempowerment, apathetic government, the psychic and spiritual cost of trying to live within the system, idiocy in general.

Style? You try to pin it down. 21st century matrimony of Suicide and John Cooper Clarke with a laptop. two Nottingham guys in their 40’s with an interest in dance and hip hop, disdain for guitar music, both have seen a bit, lived in and around the block, suffered and suffered no fools. like a bad mood/memory, a headache you can’t shake or scab you can’t scratch in constant motion; raw, honest, unrelenting, irritable, hilarious, alive. 

*attempt at working class role-play may be deemed offensive to some. apologies to my thousands,  nay millions of readers. (self-satisfied chuckle)