Wire- Ahead (1987)

Teleman – Not in Control (2014)

1.Read Camus/Kierkegaard/Other
2.Inject yourself with caffeine
3.Add a healthy(?) dosage of paranoia.
4.Supplement with vitamin’s I (Irritability), M (malcontentedness) & R (Restlessness)
5. Find a suitable location – kitchen table, sitting room floor, writing desk, isolated tree in a public park, back garden (if feasible), bathroom, public library, abattoir etc.
6. No distractions.
7. Now attempt self-discipline.
8. Listen to the above tracks in the correct order.
9. Focus.
10.Do not move your body (Put the book down and close your eyes if necessary)
11.Clear the detritus from your conscious mind.
12.Once more. focus. with feeling.
13.Remain in your assigned place.
14.Do not stand.
15.Do not breathe.
16.Listen. Repeat. Try not to think, please.
17.Smash your right or left hand through the nearest window/breakable glass partition if available. If not, grab and firmly uproot a plant/flower, tear a branch, rip up your book with intensity.
18.Silent. Manage blood flow.
19.Look around you. Awareness.
20.Be mindful of others.
21.keep listening.

22. dance like no one is watching but secretly they are.

23.Stop! Move along.

24.Tea time.