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Grindmother – Age of Destruction (2016)

‘I thought, hell…I’m in my 60’s now, time for somethin different so my son starts up this grindcore band and I used to do a little bit of singing in the school choir when i was a young thing, way back when so I says to him ‘let me try out’ and see what happens. No harm, no foul i reckon. I mean, Neil Young is still out there, Mick Jagger, Dylan and I sure don’t feel that old you know. When I hear the music and I hear my voice with the music, there is nothing like it. Beats the hell out of bingo, that’s for sure.’ –  someone’s (grindmother?), anonymous.*

*imagined monologue, any resemblance to anyone living, dead or on the transpiritual plane is entirely coincidental until it isn’t.