Q: Runaway. You seem reluctant to edit your music. some would call that approach quite precious.

DMC: some people,sure. they are also…assholes.

Q: All of them?

DMC: yeah, all of em. fuckin jealous twatfaced assholes.

Q: Twatfaced assholes? seems like overkill.

DMC: hey, what can I say? I got da words! there ain’t no half measures with the Mac.

Q: The Mac?

DMC: yeah bro! the mac! ain’t no par time livin when the mac is in the house!

Q: ok. so lets get back to the song, mac.

DMC: yeah dawg, runaway. we is all runaways these days, this world be illin and I be chillin with my songwriting skillz yo, peace bruv.

Q: so what you are saying is, you were a big del shannon fan.

DMC: ya gots to know homeslice. shannon is the man. and i be runnin all over this bitch.

Q: so you were running away and now you’re coming back, return of DMC, run DMC etc.

DMC: you playin with me? disrepectin me bro?

Q: not at all. i got mad props for you dawg! you a musical genius!!! dis song speaks to my soul and the souls of million sensitive soulz!

(cue the laughter of male complacency)

Q: Could we drop the racial caricatures now please and get serious for a moment?

DMC: Sure bru…sure. okay. fine.

Q: I have to say this song – if one could call it as such-baffles me. It sounds clueless.

DMC: well, that’s just like your opinion, man. The idea was…and stil is…as it’s only a fucking sketch demo like…It’s about someone who can’t face up to things in their life and is always looking over their shoulder and around the corner, looking for an escape route. they can’t deal with emotional, financial problems whatever. the more we/they keep running/moving, the more they don’t have to face up to the uncomfortable truths and such. if they stop moving, they can’t breathe anymore. the idea of facing the fears, the problems is too much so keep moving forward without contemplating or reflecting on their actions, their experiences. because it will just hurt too much. they will feel too much. that is what scares them, me, us, maybe the whole human race. i don’t know. I’m rambling here mate. You will edit this?

Q: If you promise to edit this song. Nine minutes!

DMC: ok, deal. now…. gettin back to my point…whether or not i represent that idea from a musical standpoint, that is in the ear of the beholder so to speak. i went for emotion and mood. no scathing dylan-esque wordsmithery. that’s my default mode. If I had my druthers, i’d have the kitchen sink, prague philarmonic orchestra, female or a kids choir latherin it on.