David Lynch – film director ltd- has been in hiding for a decade. Practically retired from film-making since 2006′ even more confounding than usual Inland Empire, he is currently producing a new series of his own cult classic television series Twin Peaks for Showtime which will air in early 2017.

Since Inland Empire, Lynch has been busy travelling around the globe promoting transcendental meditation through The David Lynch Foundation, running his own website, recording and releasing two original music albums Crazy Clown Time and the Big Dream, directing music videos, short films, commercials, popping up as an actor in Louis CK’s acclaimed series Louie and continuing to create original artwork for exhibition so the man has hardly been idle.

But let’s rewind 20 years or so and i stumbled, fell over, turned on the light and then found this most excellent documentary on the the production of his 1997 headtrip Lost Highway, giving us a fascinating insight into Lynch’s mind from the perspective of various collaborators, colleagues, friends and the man himself.