A long long time ago in a bedroom far far away….

Q: What were you thinking when you came up with this track?  What was the process?

DM: The process was very…organic…reverse engineering you could say…

Q: What do you mean by that?

DM: What I mean by that is that the vocal, melody and guitar, that basic two chord rhythm that runs throughout ‘skeleton dancing suite’ came first. the drum track, which I knew i wanted to feel soft, brush strokes so as not to overwhelm the atmosphere but to blend in, give it a hypnotic, dreamy, repetitive feel. Honestly, I was doing my best to sound sexy here; a little bit of Ferry, a little bit of Bowie. i was trying to record something that sounded like adult pop with a strain of twentysomething angst that was my mood at the time.

Q: You were trying to capture a moment perhaps? there quite a despondent feel, a helpless quality with the lyrics suggesting a voyeuristic quality…

DM: Yeah, that was kind of what I was aiming for, being in that position of seeing the person you used to love or sleep with getting intimate with someone else in front of your eyes and there is nothing you can do. the moment slows down, becomes frozen in time and all of a sudden you are an impotent spectator to your own emotional torment like…i don;t want to sound pretentious here…like a protagonist in a Brian De Palma thriller you know?

Q: Blow Out? Body Double? Carlito’s Way? Obsession? Dressed to Kill

DM: Yes, all of those really. Not the male gaze aspect as such, well the opposite as the spectator’s pleasure turns to horror, witnessing something which they cannot control and the romantic then becomes crushed, a cynic if you will.

Q: Ok. Let’s discuss the synth coda. what’s that all about? what was your intention there? was it a separate piece that you had intended to use on its own or was it just grafted on for the heck of it?

DM: (laughs self deprecatingly) yes. it was an experiment but it was intended to match up with the mood of the main part, the song in the suite, even more of a comedown, after the event, that night in the club and…well, I was listening to a lot of Faust, Krautrock instrumental music at the time where they were creating these soundscapes with analog synthesizers. I had a really shitty, cheap casio keyboard and out it through as many effects as i could, layered several tracks over each other,mixed it then by pure accident a reverse effect I used for dramatic effect so it sounds intentional. 

Q: Really? I guessed that was the case actually. Why is called ‘skeleton dancing’? explain yourself.

DM: Ummm…don’t know if i can explain that one guvnor. I guess the idea that we are not really in our bodie when we dance and abandon our inhibitions, we are in a trance, surrendering and so are paradoxically alive and dead at the same moment. our bodies, their natural rhythms are controlling us. meditation, when you are having sex, these are similar states. skeletons sounds quite tortured and dark too. there was that.