an oldie -2011

No Dancing No Satisfaction

The Motels- Total Control (1979)

How have I not stumbled upon this song before? Catching a clip from Johnathan Demme’s 1986 film Something Wild, the song plays at the tail end of a scene where the story is mutating from a quirky, loose romantic comedy odyssey into slightly darker territory with a young Ray Liotta the psychotically jealous ex-boyfriend also named Ray catalyst of this sudden pivot in the films plot intruding on the sweet, unpredictable romance developing between Jeff Daniels regular guy yuppie banker Charles and the impulsive, free spirited minx Roxie portrayed by Melanie Griffith.

Liotta’s unstable character ingratiates himself with the affable Daniels and then without warning involves him in a spur of the moment convenience store robbery and then beats him up a bit for good measure to establish his dominance before they make a messy getaway. As they take off, Demme and cinematographer Tak…

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