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Ariel Pink – Not Enough Violence (2014)

It was 1988. I handed her a cassette I made with some songs on it, to tell her how i felt. Yeah, what a sap huh? anyway, i was what? 15 at the time, so i stuck the cure, sisters of mercy, bauhaus, the banshees, joy division, nico, killing joke,the bunnymen, pil, fields of the nephilim, the mission, depeche, the cramps etc etc on the tape right? Now, she wasn’t into the goth music really, was more into stuff on the pop parade; debbie gibson, madonna, the bangles, some rock with def leppard, bon jovi and the likes. So, anyway I see her next day in school and asked her if she listened to the tape, thinkin that after listening to some of my favourite music she would somehow understand my misunderstood, sensitive, tortured soul and be well into me. And the fact I made it for her especially – took me fuckin ages to put together so it did – would be doubly appreciated. So, I’m thinkin, i’m well in there, at least a cop and a feel tonight on the cards right? I mean, i’ve got teenage needs you know? Can’t be a tortured, romantic type every minute of the day, would have been exhausting…and it was. Right. I asked her what she thought and she was with her other friends in the hallway, going into science class with Miss Consiglio if i recall correctly. she just laughs, giggles a bit, looks at her friends and says,’it was alright.ok i have class now see you later.’ She hands me the cassette and goes to class, leaving me standing like a plank in one of them John Hughes movies from the 80’s while the psychedelic furs play in the background. although, in my case it was more the cure’s ‘pornography’. Needless to say, we didn’t cop off later that evening and soon after got into gun’s n’ roses, lost her virginity to Glynner, a mullet haired spa in a shiny tracksuit. Anyway, fast forward to now, 26 years later and listenin to this track by Ariel Pink, the electic diy pop auteur and I still have no girlfriend. And that arsehole Glynner has a good lookin wife and non repulsive kids! For fucks sake! the moral of the story? follow the goons!