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Far be it from me to propogate any cultural stereotypes* or encourage the sort of thing goin on here in these ‘little’ scenes from leprechaun in the hood (2000), part funded by da US-Ireland Alliance for the Arse-ts back  but one feels this is a day not just for the Irish but for people of all cultures and creeds to get together for some drinkin, namecallin and fightin is it not? jaysus, saint patrick himself would not have it any other way and I don’t have the ‘heart’ to be condemnin such rambunctious behaviour between ‘ninjas’ and sure couldnt you just imagine conor mcgregor revitalizing this franchise? he’s been punching above his wieght, now time for him to punch ‘below’ (chortle) good ‘luck’ to yee, just don’t anger any wee ginger lads!

*watchin this ‘bleedin’ clip alongside the american telly show Ray Donovan, where macho, guilt ridden, virile, brawlin, drinkin Boston Irish Micks are relocated to LA for your cable viewing pleasure (?), it makes me proud to be a paddy abroad so it does exportin me cultural wares in such a way….la fheile padhraig, here’s to pissin in a public space wherever yee brave sons of the republic!!!!