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the chemical brothers featuring beck – wide open (2015)

yeah boy, was always way up on the bro’s back in the day, yup, samplin The Enemy, nu folk ravin man in da post-rave dark days before the Manc-y guitar revival…don’t get me wrong tho bro, their action still rocked the fuck off me block man, biggest beats north of the watford gap, shook da legs til i was like jelly man, dis way and dat like then slowin it down, pointin the way to the stars, chillin the soul, warmin the vibes, tearin and tearin up man….are they still goin? shit bro, I’m listenin to ed sheeran, adele and all dat now, keeping up with the kidz, my kids ya now plus me other half would slap me about if i played any of this stuff on a sunday morning, any mornin…lets ave a listen…Beck? thought he had left this mortal coil culturally speakin…fuck!!! its well good man, poppin like rice krispies, makin me feel all young, limber and kind of sad, i gotta go man, see you round yeah? gotta get to tescos and the bank before they shut comprende? damn these slacks man, they are still cuttin it even with bills and that…shit! what ‘appened to us eh? haha, yeah. later,man!