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Massive Attack featuring Young Fathers – Voodoo In My Blood (2016)

Oh, the puns they are a flyin…much like the sinister floating sphere in this mesmerising video film clip short promo thingy(?) for a suitably menacing collaboration between Bristol legends Massive Attack and Edinburgh upstarts Young Fathers.

Coming on like the bizzaro lovechild of Andrzej Zulawski (RIP) and Don Coscarelli, acting maiden Rosamund Pike here inhabits the role of Possession (1981) era Isabelle Adjani doppelganger and a special digital effect assumes the role of threatening floating orb with possible skull drilling,eye piercing capabilities a la Coscarell’s cult classic Phantasm (1979).

In a dank, empty subway, Pike is thrown hither and yon in a quite unsettling dance stylee; either she is possessed by an unseen force or being controlled by this malevolent floating fucker. Either way, it makes for a suitably bracing visual accompaniment to the tracks mounting paranoia pulsating with sonic waves of abrasiveness and elegance.