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Mistress America – Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips (2015)

As we speak…no.no.no.that’s wrong! Isn’t it? As i write…yes!yes!yes!…that’s the paragraph opening nailed and now the words will flow like a river of cheap supermercado wine or an awful simile of some stripe. Let’s rewind. alright the. As I write this post which almost 100% of you people – those on the net and such, either sitting in the dark angrily or sipping cocktails in a Jamaican nudist resort, I’m hazarding a very random guess here – will ignore, I am watching Mistress America The Movie, directed by Noah Baumbach, now a veteran film-maker (20 years yo) of quasi Woody Allen-esque portraits of New York intelligentsia that fall somewhere in between the comedy and drama spectrum, feature fairly starry actors and up and comers looking unglamorous, wearing brown and tweed, analyzing their lives, being generally neurotic and not altogether charming.

Even if I had a seething hatred for Baumbach’s movies – which i don’t – it would probably be impossible to dislike this film which seems to be about the friendship struck up between an awkward, lonely college freshman and her spunky, soon to be stepsister(?). Impossible you say? pray tell!!! wake up, derek! yeah, okay man, whatever…as I was saying, it would be impossible for me to dislike it in any way or form because the soundtrack renders my critical faculties void. there you have it. comprised of not only this delightful synth theme intro reminiscent of prime 1980’s New Order and composed by Dean Wareham -former member of cult 80’s New York band Galaxie 500– and Britta Phillips. Phillips and Wareham are husband and wife and met whilst in another cult dream pop outfit, Luna which Wareham formed after the demise of the sublime Galaxie 500 (check out their brilliant second album This Is Our Music here)

ahem. yes, the structure of my post has gotten a bit ragged and wayward. So, not only original music by the aforementioned dudes but also featuring two stone cold synth classics ; OMD’s 1981 heartmelting ‘Souvenir’ and Suicide’s spartan yet tender mantra ‘Dream Baby Dream’.

Right, now I will get back to watching the movie. have a good evening I guess….