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Queens of the Stone Age – misfit love (2007)

My Bloody Valentine – Sometimes (1991)

Chet Baker – My Funny Valentine (1954)

Oh yes indeed, ladies and gentlemen of the free-k market! come take my hand you fireball xl5 you stumble forth through the dark grass to the waiting place where one can dance, drink, fuck, sing, eat and fight to their hearts desire and until those sorry bastard faced, joyless cows come trudging home take my hand and touch my skin feel the fuzz lick those lips taste the salt warmth brush the wings of desire sultry princes wanton goddesses writhe cast off decency modesty tax bill bank fuckery burn burn your energy eat fire consume one another in natures black hole shadows pull our hips make them sweat sway smash stroke let us kiss the stars hugs the trees ride comets sink into the waves let us move surf the light fantasmic burning past trails break open our hearts bleed into the earth start over in space post nuclear bliss… only, don’t be a cunt ok?