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Jay Reatard – Before I Was Caught (2009)

Before the thrill is gone, before it gets too much, before it gets too damned late…

And then it comes, he/she takes your breath away or it never comes, because you’re waiting and waiting gets you nowhere but tied up in a tiny twisted cage of deadend paranoia and loose end nostalgia trips, soon you’re twirling, stumbling, twirling, stumbling (repeat)

The only wake up call you know are sharp ones, feelings like ice shards cutting deep, throwing you against the wall, leaving you on the floor, as high as they are low.

Heat comes, heat goes but the steady pulse of an earthbound day remains and i hear music calling me beyond the bars, piercing the dull ache and when it calls, I respond. It’s all I know and maybe i’m not saved, but I feel blessed.