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Heroes (1977)

Well, it seems futile to try and sum up the Late Dame Bowie’s cultural and musical influence; many more eloquent and knowledgable than I will no doubt have already expressed their thoughts and poured out their emotions. So like many other fans and admirers, I will try and sum up what he meant to me.

When I think of David Bowie as an artist and performer,this video and song, the immense, overpowering brilliant ‘Heroes’ crystalizes everything that was great about the man who fell to earth. His ideas the images/changes he conveyed, to all of those who have ever felt strange, unloved, outside, who long to transcend, transform. reinvent themselves into some iconic ideal of glamour, sexual ambiguity, beauty and creativity brought hope, possibility and daring into the pop mainstream, influencing and inspiring countless generations of not just musicians and artists but us, the audience and by extension the respective cultures and society we were born into.

He explored notions of identity, alienation, transformation, fluidity and sexuality through a mercurial synthesis of music and style throughout the decades of his career and he had one of the all time great singing voices in pop music, a rich, deep, flexible instrument that could strain and crack with grand emotion, hip attitude and theatrical forboding; anthony newley, scott walker and lou reed rolled into one

So, here is the ideal of the rock star, David Bowie at his most glorious and iconic; untouchable, magnetic, disturbing, alien and even now, I still want to be like him when I grow up.

You are the cosmos. RIP.