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For fans of Britains longest running cult comic, Future Shock is a low budget insider account of 2000AD’s rise from the barren comic book and cultural wasteland of of mid 70’s England. 

Emboldened by the rise of punk rock and the anti-establishment spirit of its founders, Pat Mills and John Wagner, two disillusioned freelance comic book writers and editors looking to create something bold, cinematic, anarchic and entertaining that would appeal to the youth of the era. 

First published in February 1977, 2000AD was and continues to be a collection of exciting, violent and subversive science fiction and fantasy strips drawn by the finest writers and artists of any given era who have introduced readers to iconic characters of cult comic book lore including the likes of Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, Rogue Trooper, Nemesis the Warlock, Halo Jones, DR & Quinch, The ABC Warriors, Slaine etc etc.

2000AD was my bible from the ages of of 8-13 years old back in the 1980’s before music, girls and football started pulling me away but even now I remember my parents slight disapproval that I was reading something quite grown up and violent (for me) that wasn’t the Beano which was part of the appeal. Although the brilliant artwork and dark humour set within in a sci fi context were the elements that sucked me in being a Star Wars nerd and aspiring comic book artist at that time. 

Future Shock is a straight ahead, honest account of 2000AD’s turbulent history with commentary from its key creative contributors that’s well worth a look. It’s Available to watch and rent online on Google Play now. What are you waiting for ye geek?