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Elvis Presley (1957)

Low (1999)

The Yuletide season is always one of mixed emotions;  optimism, sentimentality, joy and connection crowing carols and necking merrily under mistletoe  as despair, cynicism, bitterness and disconnection choke on dry turkey leftovers and the broken shards of dreams.

A once Pagan holiday now wears a mask of Christian respectability to cover up the month(s?) Black Friday like madness that now consumes the seasonal consumer, in which we channel our love for those we hold dear into one intense, insane of soul sick spending madness.

Yet, I  am as guilty as you. So give me a moment as I dismount from my high horse  – or raindeer to keep the theme going – I am a Grinch, a Scrooge all bent of spine, foul of spirit, backed up with bile and yet, all it takes is one Christmas song to thaw my Arctic disdain.