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Roky Erickson & The Aliens – I Think of Demons (1980)

“When your dreams seem like a prison, your mind seeks to escape, the bars come down, doors lock shut; the other appears in the corner of your eye. Instead of fighting your way out,your body surrenders, the blood stops, your words fail. Something is crossing over from hell, ready to harm, violate, destroy you completely, you just present yourself gift-wrapped in shame and guilt. From a prison to a black box, unable to move but your spirit won’t save you now. Your spirit is now your demon who has trespassed because you were too weak to fight back. This is always the way of nightmares. And this is how you choose to live. “

– Dr. Heinrich Strummel III, Collected Diaries of the Possessed Volume I, Chapter II, 1893. Translated from German to English by M.R. James.