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Eden (2015) – Dir: Mia Hansen-Løve

Paradise lost/found in sound? Eden, The latest film from young French director Mia Hansen-Løve is an intimate odyssey which follows an aspiring DJ named Paul (Felix de Givry) over the course of two decades as his passion for house music sees him become a pioneer of the French house music scene of the mid-late 1990’s, a scene which birthed the likes of Daft Punk, Cassius, Stardust, Bob Sinclar, Etienne de Crecy.

The script has its basis in reality with Hansen-Love’s older brother Sven’s career as a DJ serving as the inspiration for the film. He also collaborated on the script thus bringing a much-needed sense of authenticity to a project attempting to convey the constant paradigm shifts that occur in a scene where notions of musical taste and style are in almost constant flux within metropolitan culture.

Delving deep into specific musical scene, tracking one characters quasi-religious search for musical bliss, detailing his rise and fall as he deals with the vicissitudes of life, Eden does not seem like your typically shallow glorification of a godhead musician/dj and judging by the rave reviews it has received thus far, it isn’t.

Eden opens in Irish cinemas tomorrow. Maybe you should seek it out after/before your yoga/mindfulness/pilates/gym/therapy/visiting sick relative/charity fundraising event/laser surgery/language class/sewing circle/goth gathering/rockabilly slow food mash up/pizza tossing speed dating combo/tantra tea sipping derby/wine throwing veggie cleanse?