No Dancing No Satisfaction

Mission of Burma (1981)

Catherine Wheel (1992)

Moby (1996)

Graham Coxon ( 2000)

Somehow, this startling track written and recorded by influential Boston post-punkers Mission of Burma thirty-one years ago had fallen into the recesses of my faulty memory. Until discovering ‘Academy Fight Song’ their equally forceful. brilliant debut single incongruously enough on an 80’s retro internet station about four years ago and reading of them in Michael Azzerads absorbing document of American underground rockOur Band Could Be Your Life: Notes from the Indie Underground 1981-1991′, my only exposure to their legacy had been through Moby’s 1996 album Animal Rights.

On this pre-Play album, Moby tried to shed his earlier former as a progressive house music DJ and electronic artist somewhat by returning to his roots as a hardcore punk musician and so Animal Rights was a schizophrenic mixture of ambient instrumentals and fiery, electronic…

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