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Marcel King – Reach For Love (1984)

When all else fails, turn it on, turn it up, music is the love I need, everybody needs something.

If what you need is ‘Demon beat boxes and sequencers with minds of their own…’ with a ‘sweet-voice tenor there in the middle..’ well, then ladies and gents you are on the same wavelength as the anonymous music journo who described Marcel King’s 12′ single Reach For Love as such in the Singles Review section of Billboard magazine way back on October 6th, 1984.

Released on Manchester label Factory Records in the UK and distributed by A&M and hmmm, what’s this? Under ‘Producer’ it says ‘not listed’. Not really a surprise with Factory’s infamous knack for self sabotage you might think for the pop aficionados and historians amongst you but then perhaps the actual producer, Bernard Sumner wanted the song to be judged on it’s own merits and not compared to New Order’s prodigious output at the time, their music under the heavy sway of American hip hop and dance music of the time.

The dreamy, lush synths and hypnotic grooves present on Power, Corruption and Lies (1983) and Lowlife (1985) are mirrored here but replacing Sumner’s doleful pageboy yelpings

with Kings smooth ecstacy motivations to create a floor filler that never the less, history shows to be the exact opposite of a hit yet seemingly one that is close to Shaun Ryder’s dark madchester heart.