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The Chemical Bros. w/Beth Orton – Where Do I Begin? (1996)

“Do not let Sunday be taken from you If your soul has no Sunday, it becomes an orphan.”

– Albert Schweitzer; noted german/french theologian, philosopher, physician, missionary and yes, organist (!)

Sssshhh…be quiet. It’s goddamned loud in here, right? Yeah, just keep the sunlight out please! Now where did I put my phone? Shit! Where is it? Okay, my clothes…yeah, scattered on the floor. Okay, this is not my place…drink of water on the table there, thank fucking God! Okay, quick sip. Jesus, are those birds or mini jack hammers going off in my brain. I can hear snoring, someones arm just brushed off mine. Of course, yeah there she is….I don’t quite remember how I ended…oh shit, there he is.. who the fuck is that guy? Right, first thing’s first, get the hell out of here as quietly as possible as if nothing happened, as if I was not responsible for somehow getting here. Jack Daniels, you lil devil ya! Yeah, blame the drink or someone else for dragging me here. Christ, need more water, some food to kickstart my body then I can work on reconstituting the soul. Before all that though, what’s that song? Sounds familiar. Beth Orton? Sleepy…It’s lulling me into a trance now, gonna fall asleep nowzzzzzzz……..