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The former second city of the British Empire was the primary location for Jonathan Glazer’s 2014 film Under The Skin, in which Scarlett Johansson portrays an alien visitor preying upon Glaswegian laddies and through whose eyes the city and it’s denizens- in particular the Glasgow accent and slang – seem as otherwordly as any distant planet twirling away in the cosmos.

For many, Glasgow conjures up images of grit, hardship, fried mars bars, alcoholics and violence in contrast to its more cultured, softspoken Caledonian stepbrother, Edinburgh but that would be to dangerously assume a load of nonsensical stereotypes which I am not doing but in order to make a tortuous connection between the cosmos and reality I felt it was necessary somehow. Suffice to say that Glasgow suggests a concrete reality and a toughness in its people and environment. And so….

The shipyards by the River Clyde were once a proud cornerstone of industry and employment but by the 1980’s were in severe decline. Native sons Simple Minds pulsing anthem¬†celebrates this past and looks forward just as the band themselves were slowly discarding their art rock sheen for a sleeker, more bombastic sound as they moved towards mainstream acceptance.

Simple Minds – Waterfront (1983)