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Chet Baker (1954)

Bjork (1993)

A pure romantic song and lyric if ever there was such a thing in this unusually cruel and beautiful world, first written in 1944 and re-interpreted by a myriad of artists over the years, for some reason my mind was cast back to these two versions of the song whilst reminiscing over the ‘state of things’.

Bjork’s interpretation from her 1993 début ‘Debut’ presages her famous 1995 reworking of an old Betty Hutton jazz tune ‘It’s Oh So Quiet’ from 1951 and her gives another fairly disciplined reading, imbuing it with her unique intensity and phrasing sounding as if her heart is about to burst.

Chet Baker, a troubled jazz cat known for his prodigious trumpet talents also possessed quite a fine choirboy voice as demonstrated on the essential 1954 record Chet Baker Sings. His reading of the song is pure, tender, delicate and sad free from affect, belying his rebellious jazz musician persona for which he became iconic.