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Gangs of New York (2002) Dir – Martin Scorsese

*Sick of yee homestead or be yee pinin for the motherland? Well, feck that ya bollix! Let’s have a a few pints and a scrap! Blarney ya say? C’mere ya scallywag and scoundrel, traitor to your family and to the flag….what’s that ye be saying now? Free pints for us all. Ah, well now ye are a brother to me so you are. Forget all of that guff now! Sure, have me land and me dignity if theres some free gargle goin! Let’s forget all of that nonsense bejaysus and come ere young one, will ya do me the honour of a dance? Here! You! O’Brien! What are you looking at her for? She’s dancin with me ye thievin bastard! Who says? I’ll fuckin show you who says! I’ll fuckin have ye O’Brien! Take my land, my woman and my dignity will ya! Come here to me! Ye think a free drink will soothe me rebel spirit ya bastard!  Sing along to me feckin fist in yer mouth ye heathen traitor!  (cue any U2/Dubliners/Planxty tune and face out to the sound of men breaking glass, cracking heads, women cackling, screaming and sounds of general irishness….)

* Propogating national or racial stereotypes is a dangerous business and I am in no way condoning the behaviour of the charmingly violent, brute carousers in this short piece. I am a fully fledged member of the Irish Anti-Defamation League so this piece is highlighting stereotypes that still seem to exist and I hope it brings home how despicable and retrograde they are. Now, i’m off to meet me oul comrades in the local public house to play a game of broken glass darts! Happy St Patricks yez great galoots!