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The House of Love – Beatles and Stones (1990)

This passed me by, up to my scrawny neck in ‘eavy metal thunder circa 89 – 91. Madchester, baggy,indie music or what ‘ave ye, the crossover whence UK underground dance culture seeped into the mainstream, was ‘appenin on a weekly basis, bands and artists plugging into this anything goes vibe,trying new sounds for good and for ill but I was just out of me Transformers underwear and Beano comics, adolescent myopia, stage 1, was way way uncool, barely able to hold eye contact with a photograph of a girl, let alone the real thing.

A brave and failed attempt at a mullet was in the works in order to fit myseld into the dark cult of those who rocked, distancing myself from my clueless mates who followed the trends like clueless gibbons.

So it was in 1996 I was introduced to this little diamond from The House of Love by someone with greater musical nous than I, shining a little light on my obsessive Manics/New Order/Radiohead/Nine Inch Nails shrine in the process and subsequently onto other great song from artists such as Jesus & Mary Chain, PJ Harvey, Spiritualized, Nick Cave and so on.

Anyway,some songs come along and drag up and down the wall, spit in your face, shout down your earhole, shake your bones, pulverize you, knock you sideways etc while others invite you in, embrace you for three to four minutes in a delicate embrace then gently linger. This is one of those.