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Queensryche – Silent Lucidity (1990)

To reveal oneself, what you like, desire, dream, think about as a teenager is to share something that is achingly personal and intimate, only with peers the information can be twisted into a potential public humiliation within the group that can be called upon for years to come until ‘maturity’ catches up with us.

Being a boy in a gang of sorts, mockery and taunting are weapons we casually use to assert ourselves in the hierarchy, trying to control others who are supposedly our ‘friends’out of fear that you are revealed as weak, a crybaby, a ‘pussy’ in New World terms.

Did we know any better? We are all raised differently and then thrown together because we live on the same street, go to the same school, one parent knows another or we instinctively like/dislike someone. We don’t know why and from there friendships flourish or wither in time.

Enbedded within the culture of our immediate environment – the social bonds, rules, nature, history flowing through concrete, wood, rock, steel, earth – is art though we are unaware of the music, the drama, the struggles within our small lives until we are older but we absorb though an innate sense, maybe genetic that we understand something in a deep and ancient way.

Which is all quasi-poetic and shit not to mention a long-winded way of burrowing to the core of the matter; namely that what moves one person can be as baffling as what moves another or doesn’t. But it is no less valid. Life is quite fucking short I’m sure you will agree so grab your pleasures where you can though be careful where you direct your passions. That one can be some cross to bear depending no matter what direction you take them in.

Some people know this what turns them on and drives them early on, they know their place in the world, who they are. Others, well some flounder, some thrive in false skins, many judge, others cower, some go under.

But even with all of the doubts and the questions, certain responses are undeniable. To deny them would perhaps be fatal to our nature but then we must face the consequences, right?


* This is a word for word transcription of an introduction the late Hugo Bagenall-Simpson-Gormley’s lecture given to students of Oxford Universities Masters in Literature and Arts Program at St Edmund hall in November 2011. His talk was entitled ‘Jung & Freud’s influence on Progressive Music;Classical, Rock and Heavy Metal in the late 20th Century.’ Bagenall-Simpson-Gormley had a fondness for Queensryche, progressive 80’s/90’s metallers from the US as his brother-in-law, a session guitarist who hails from Washington DC, once played in a band who supported The ‘Ryche in their early years and turned Bagenall-Simpson-Gormley on to their music. Ever since first laying his ears upon their 1988 opus Operation:Mindcrime, Bagenall-Simpson-Gormley sees fit to shoehorn them in to every lecture, speech and thesis he can manage, whether it’s appropriate or not. Some say this is a perfect case of overpaid, obsolent members of academia self indulgence, greying, bloated, archaic institutions re oved from reality swallowing their own gilded lily dragons tails. Me? I think it’s a load of old bollocks.

So go ahead and laugh. Or cry. Or nothing. I dare you.