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Trust Bill Murray to steal the show in his own inimitable way from under the noses of his fellow showbiz luminaries, in a recent star packed 40th anniversary episode of Saturday Night Live, the show that made him a star circa 1977-1980.Reprising his signature lounge crooner character from that era, Murray brings one hundred percent conviction to this impassioned version of the never before heard love theme from the 1975 classic Jaws, released in the same year as Saturday Night Live’s epochal first season broadcast.

What sets Murray apart from other comic talents is for me, often an indefinable thing but that he can make what seems like a hackneyed comic character come to life and make you laugh without knowing quite why is part of his mystery and even genius. He seems to step outside and yet remain inside, walking a line between mockery and celebration, sceptic and believer, belonging to everyone and no-one, eternally hip without seeming to try four decades in.