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Yeah, it’s me again! What about it? So kids, have you been mostly naughty or mostly nice this past year? Do you give a s**t any more? Can you tell the difference between good and bad, tolerable and intolerable anymore? left from right? Do your emotions run the gamut of the colour spectrum on a daily f***ing basis? Can you in fact be an absolute s**tbag and a saint in the same moment? A monster and a mensch? A lover and a liar? It’s possible right? The older we
get our ability to contradict, piss off, confuse, adapt, frustrate just increases tenfold right? Argue with me on this if you wish buddyboy, but don’t be surprised if one dark winter evening you find yourself laid out on the sidewalk soaked in blood, alcohol and broken glass from a bottle of fine malt whiskey. Yeah, don’t we just contain the f***in multitudes? Now, get out of my face would ya?! Here’s to that Virgin Mary for gettin knocked up! Praise be to…. Christmas f***in and the Holy Bottle! – Fake Santa. Anyway, happy f***in Christmas I suppose and for any of ye wo give a s**t, here’s a list of stuff i kinda liked in 2014….


Grayson Gilmour – Infinite Life

Scott Walker & Sunn-O))) – Soused

Bryan Ferry – Avonmore

Spoon – They Want Your Soul

Manic Street Preachers – Futurology

Afghan Whigs – Do to the Beast

Elbow – The Taking off and Landing of Everything

St Vincent – St Vincent

Beck – Morning Phase

Royksopp Featuring Robyn – Do It Again EP

Electric Youth – Innerworld

Warpaint – Warpaint

dEUS – Selected Songs (1994-2014)


Under The Skin

The Grand Budapest Hotel


The Wolf of Wall Street


The Babadook


Guardians of the Galaxy

Gone Girl



The Affair

True Detective

House of Fools

Stewart Lees’ Comedy Vehicle

Tim & Erics Bedtime Stories

Silicon Valley

The Eric Andre Show

Books? ha ha Yeah, the entire works of Hemingway, Proust and that Russian a**hole!

The Grass Arena – John Healy

I Am The Secret Footballer – Anonymous

Autobiography – Morrissey

Wetlands – Charlotte Roche

I Think Therefore I Play – Andrea Pirlo

Now, thats all I remember, what more do you want!? Dave, you pr**k! You ruined Christmas for me motherf**ker! Forever you s**t weasel, broke my f***in heart (sob)….yeah, I am cryin goddammit! Can’t a grown man cry in this F***in day and age?!! Can’t I just have my dignity? It’s Christmas for f**ks sake!