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The Rolling Stones (1966)

Chris Farlowe (1966)

Arthur Brown (1975)

Del Shannon (1981)

Elektricni Orgazam (1987) (‘Bejbe, ti nisi tu’)

The Ramones (1993)

Manic Street Preachers (2004)

Virve Rosti (2007)(‘Oot Ilmaa Vaan’)

How we use time. At different times. What does it tell us, Boys & Girls? What does it reveal about ourselves and how we approach this life? What truth is unearthed from this spending and wasting of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years? Why am I belaboring this point whilst trying to deflect your attention from the real truth? I have no point to make about time, existence and the whole thing. I’m a fraud, not smart enough to make some long winded, flatulent, pseudo profound hypothesis about how we measure our lives, our legacies and so forth. Really, I just want you to find this song, any version will do and in fact, wouldn’t you know it? I have compiled a few interpretations here from Soho to Helsinki so you can ruminate on times a changin’, relationships receding, friendships fading, coolness cooling, movements mourning, love losing, society stumbling until nothing old remains and everything is new again. Like the last time, except this one just won’t change. You can bend it, break it, abuse it, remake it and still it remains throughout the years. Bulletproof. A god damn it to christ almighty bulletproof bastard of a tune that just won’t die. The music Gods refuse to let it rest.